Our Team



Stefanos was born in Athens. He studied Economics at the Athens School of Economics and Business, got a DEA in Scientific Management at the University PARIS IX -DAUPHINE and while getting his Ph.D. with honors in Economics from PARIS IX – DAUPHINE and being interest in Photography since his teens he decided it was time to study Photography at PARIS VIII – St. DENNIS. Later on he also acquired a M.A. in Applied Photography by MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY. Upon completing his Ph.D and returning to Athens he never went back to Economics. On the contrary he decided that Photography would become his life long love and subsequently his career. He started off as a Photographer at GRAMMI Publishing, then founded the Studio PHOBIA a very successful studio of Advertising and Fashion Photography dominating the Greek Photography scene for almost 20 years. Currently he is the artistic director of Grey Images. As a teacher of photography Stefanos has held the position of Vice Head of the Department of Photography at AKTO College, the most prestigious private Photography School in Greece. He teaches Fashion and Advertising Photography at BA and MA level.

He has participated in photography exhibitions both in Greece and abroad and works with artists from several fields on experimental projects. His photographic work was part of the bid folio for the Athens 2004 Olympics as well as of the presentation brochure of the Olympic trademark. His work is published in magazines and books in Greece and abroad and has been awarded several distinctions and prizes. Still participates as a speaker in Economics and Business Conferences.



Anna Papazoglou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied History Deree College, Photography at ΑΚΤΟ and acquired a Β.Α. in Photography with First Class Honors by Middlesex University.
Her Professional Background includes The General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Copyright Management and finally Freelance Advertising Photography and Portraiture for over a decade. Today she is the Manager of Grey Images Photography and Publishing.
She has taught Fashion and Portrait Photography in a Public Institution for Vocational training and has participated in several group exhibitions, while having presented 5 solo photography exhibitions.
She is been vollunteering for Human Rights NGO’s since 1987 and still teaches Greek History to Refugees and Asylum Seekers



Studied photography at AKTO College minewhile attended several photography classes in Greece and England. She works as a videographer for the last six years. She has worked for advertising companies, fashion designers and created videos for theatrical plays, online magazines, sailing clubs and catwalk openings.



Filippos was born in Athens, Greece. He has studied Art of Photography at AKTO College while involved with the Fine Arts from an early age and participating in exhibitions since 2011 at Topos Ekfrasis. He has also done volunteer work, teaching at Krass e.V. and as a secretary and street worker at Positive Voice (HIV Prevention).